The competition for harmonica players BALTIC-NORDIC OPEN at Endla Theatre


  1. Solo-Diatonic harmonica
    (with a musical instrument accompaniment or playback)
  2. Solo-Chromatic harmonica
    (with a musical instrument accompaniment or playback)
  3. Group (3 and more performers)
  4. Open Section(junior performers and bands of at least one harmonica)

NB! The length of performance is maximum 6 minutes

The jury:

The jury of the competitions consists of 5 persons and each member of the jury can give max 10 points, so the maximum score can be 50 points.

The criteria:

  • proper performance
  • techniques
  • tone
  • interpretation (tempo, dynamics, rhythm, ensemble, emotionality)
  • artistry

The competitors will be divided into 3 groups according to the results of the competition:

  • perfect (45–50 points)
  • excellent (40-44 points)
  • very good (35-39 points)

The winners of each category get the title of Baltic-Nordic Champion. 
Each participant with a score more than 35 points will receive a certificate from the jury.
The judges can also appoint cash prizes of up to 500 Euros.

The process:

Handband of the participant 30 EUR.
The price includes entrance to all festival events and participation in the competition.