Thursday, July 5
19:30 Warm-up concert in Spa Tervis Culture Centre 

Friday, July 6 
10:00 – 12:00 Registration of participants and competitors NOORUS Culture Centre
11:00 Performances of the COMPETITION Baltic–Nordic Open  
19:00 GALA–CONCERT at NOORUS Culture Centre
22:00 festival CLUB for participants

Saturday, July 7
10:00- 11:30 Harmonica consultations
12:00 Folk-music concert-competition  at Kentuki Pub & Guesthaus 
15:30 – 18:00 Open stage concerts at Kentuki Pub & Guesthaus
17:00 Church Concert at St. Elizabeth’s Church  
19:30 Jazz and Blues Concert “Harmonica Fireworks” at NOORUS Culture Centre
19:30 Folk Music Concert-party  at Kentuki Pub & Guesthaus 
22:00 the festival CLUB for participants

Sunday, July 8
13:15 PROCESSION through the town
14:00 Concert at Kuursaal Open Air Stage  
GRAND PRIX of the harmonica competition

Monday, July 9
18:00 Special concert at the Niguliste Museum, Tallinn  

Handband for the participant: 30 EUR the price includes entrance to the festival territory and to all festival concerts and participation in the competition