Quartet FATA MORGANA (Netherlands)

Fata Morgana

The members of the two-time world champion, the world-famous harmonica quartet “Fata Morgana” are:
• Antal van Acquoy
• Ronald Kamminga
• Paul Cornelissen
• Rob Jannsen

Fata Morgana was founded in 1980 by four members of the Eindhoven Harmonica Club (EMC). Initially, they performed at orchestral concerts, but as early as 1982, the quartet began to perform independently. To date, they have performed more than 400 times in Europe, the United States and Asia, including twice in Estonia (2002 and 2010). The quartet creates, by the use of four harmonicas and its own sound equipment, a beautiful and full sound. The ensemble plays different types of music – classical, swing, pop and blues. All arrangements are written exclusively by the members of the quartet. The quartet is a frequent main guest at international harmonica festivals around the world, where members of the ensemble also participate in the work of the jury or are the organizers of the workshop. They share how they put together their own arrangements, how they get their sound and what life is like on the road for a touring harmonica group. They have released six albums, with their latest one in 2017 including four guest harmonica players from across Europe. “Fata Morgana” – a great musical intermezzo!

Fata Morgana recordings:
• 1985 MC “Fata Morgana”
• 1989 MC “Four Brothers”
• 1996 CD “Way To Your Heart”
• 2000 CD “For Once In My Life”
• 2006 CD “Struttin ‘With Some Harmonica”
• 2017 CD “4 Firends”
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Marcin Dyjak - Photo 2021

Marcin Dyjak – harmonica virtuoso and worldwide pioneer of the augmented tuned harmonica. International spokesperson & endorser of Kongsheng. His musicality and mastery of advanced techniques have given him great flexibility and freedom to play the harmonica in a variety of styles and genres (jazz, blues, rock, folk, classical music, contemporary music), in ways that break the existing stereotypes about this instrument. Having won reputable awards at many prestigious festivals in the jazz category, i.e. the World Harmonica Festival 2017 and the World Harmonica Festival 2013 in Trossingen Germany, Dyjak has frequently performed with artists such as John Lee Hooker Jr., Michael “Patches” Stewart, Stanley Breckenridge, Jaroslaw Śmietana, Jazz Band Ball Orchestra, and many others. His work also includes European concert tours: (over 100 shows)“The Best of Ennio Morricone” with the Milano Festival Opera Symphony Orchestra, with whom he has performed in the famous Berlin Philharmonic and the National Opera in Copenhagen. Since 2010, Dyjak has recorded 23 albums with various artists, and in 2013, he received the ‘Gold Record Award’ for the album “That’s What the Blues is All About” with John Lee Hooker Jr. & Daddy’s Cash. Dyjak also performed with the band Ornette on the main stage of the Pol’and’Rock Festival 2019, the ‘biggest open-air rock music festival in Europe. Since 2015, he co-organizes the Fiesta Harmonica Festival with his father Mirosław Dyjak in Stalowa Wola, Poland.