The Festival

Pärnu Harmonica Festival and
the competition BALTIC – NORDIC OPEN 2018

Pärnu Harmonica Festival 2019 is held for the 18th time in Estonia in Pärnu, the eastern pearl of The Baltic Sea. This festival is popular and attracts many guests – in 2018 more than 1500 visitors. The participants of the festival are harmonica players from Northern and Baltic countries, also from Austria, The Netherlands, England, Germany, Italy, Denmark, Belgien, Finland, Sweden, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia and Estonia. The Headliners are Cristelle “harmonica-queen” Berthon (France),  Trio « Comment Allez-Vous ? »(Japan), Nami Miyata (Japan) & Ives Pelras (France) and Ismo Haavisto (Finland).

Time and location The festival takes place from July 11- 15, in Pärnu, Estonia

The competition The competition for harmonica players BALTIC – NORDIC OPEN is one important part of the festival. The winners of each category get the title of the Baltic-Nordic Champion and the judges can also appoint cash prizes of up to 500 €.

Workshops, concerts There are workshops, Gala- and open-air concerts in the programme of the festival, there is also a special folk-music concert with audience awards. We welcome professional and amateur harmonica players from all over the world together with their families and friends. In addition to the festival you will have the opportunity to enjoy one of the most well-known summer resorts among Nordic countries.

There are flights from all major cities to the capital of Estonia, Tallinn or to the capital of Latvia, Riga. From Tallinn and Riga you can take a bus to Pärnu (from Tallinn 130 km to the south, from Riga 180 km to the north). From Rostock, Stockholm or Helsinki you can also come by ferry. The organiser of the festival is Piccolo Harmonica Club (Pärnu, Estonia).

Handband for the participant: 30 EUR the price includes entrance to the festival territory and to all festival events and participation in the competition

Would you like to come? Please fill in the participation form on our home-page  or send a letter:

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Director of the festival
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